SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd.

Dreams have finally come true after all the unbounded opportunities.
This is “SmartMedicalDevice”, a place full of challenges and passion.

SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd. is a corporation that provides a new concept of smart medical appliances produced by the amalgamation of modern medical science and IT technology.

Through the development of smart phones and wireless internet, health care services, such as teleconsulting, have revitalize and a variety of innovative medical appliances combined to smart phones are constantly being produced.

Many businesses in the same industry also tend to develop existing medical devices in a way that will help people check their own physical conditions or get simple prescriptions. Smart Medical Device, which leads others in such market needs, is ready to make forays into larger markets worldwide.

Smart Medical Device will endeavor to pioneer a new medical market through the amalgamation of smart device and medical services. It will provide handy medical checkup Apps and smart medical devices to household and hospital to promote a pleasant and healthy life for humanity.

Company Overview

Name of company SmartMedicalDevice Co., Ltd.
CEO Chan Gon Moon
Date of foundation 11th Aug. 2011
Capital 1,000 Million(Korean Won)
Business Areas - Medical Information S/W: Medical Information App.
- Medical Device Manufacture : Smart Medical Device
Company History - JUL.2011 1st Class of Young Entrepreneurship from Small & Medium Business Corporation
- AUG.2012 Acquired the ISO9001 Certificate(Smart Medical Device, Medical Information System)
- OCT.2012 Registered as a Software Business
- NOV.2012 Acquisition of Venture Company Certificate
- JUL.2013 Plant Registration (other medical device manufacturing)
- APR.2014 Awarded the Gold Prize at the ‘International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
- OCT.2014 Goyang’s Best Small and Medium-Sized Business
- DEC.2014 Awarded the Innobiz Certificate
- MAY.2015 Received Special Award from International Exhibition of Inventions at Pittsburgh, USA
- DEC.2015. Authorized for KFDA, GMP
- FEB.2016 Permission for Medical device import business
- OCT.2017 Acquired CE/MDD and ISO13485 Certificate
- NOV.2017 Acquired US FDA Certificate
- JAN.2019 Awarded CES2019 Innovation Awards(XPAD)


Medical professionals are involved for standardization

  • Medicine: Su-Bum PYEON Oriental Medicine: Ju-Ho LEE, Bo-In CHOI.

  • Many years of clinical experience, diagnostics lecture in university, experience of medical device development.
  • Standardization of medical data.
  • Medical data verification and analysis data collected through bio censor.

Involvement of mobile device development experts

  • Electronic engineering : Chan-Gon MOON, Gwang-Mo LEE
    Computer Engineering : Young-Ro Lee, Won-Ki MIN

  • Asia/Pacific(APEC) M2M connected ebXML EDI repository design.
  • CDMA/GSM mobile communication module, many years of experience of mobile, ICT plan and development.
  • Development of hospital, personnel use of medical devices.

Strengths and Strategy

  • Plan for Business and Production.
  • Marketing and Pioneer oversea’s buyer(KOTRA, SBC, B2G etc.)
  • Production operation: Own assembly and cooperation factory.


Received the Gold Prize at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2014

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, along with the Pittsburgh Inventions Exhibition and the Germany Inventions Exhibition, is the world’s most authoritative exhibition specializing in inventions and new technologies. Smart Medical Device received the Gold Prize at the event for its smart phone-associated, low-frequency stimulator. It was a meaningful occasion since our painstaking efforts have borne fruit. We will continue to develop high-end products using information technology coupled with medical devices.

2015 Invention & New Product Exposition, Special Award

‘Pittsburgh Invention & New Product Exposition’ from USA is one of the top three invention expositions along with ‘Germany International Invention Exhibition’ and ‘Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions,’ and is a huge exhibition that displays exhibitions from about 28 countries. This is a place where we promote the excellence of domestic inventions to foreign markets and prepare the bridge for market pioneering through recognition for such excellence. It contributes to national industrial development through securement of export base and increase in export and strengthening of international cooperation by solidifying the bond with invention and patent-related groups of participating countries. In this exhibition, ‘Dr.MUSIC’ was awarded with the Special Award.
We believe that the excellence and the creativity of the product was acknowledged globally through the second-time award in the international invention exhibition, after the Gold Award in ‘2014 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.’ This will be an opportunity where ‘Dr.MUSIC’ will take a further step to the global marketplace.

iF Design Award 2017

A personal low-frequency stimulator ‘Dr.MUSIC 3′ of Smart Medical Device Co., Ltd, won the ‘iF Design Award 2017′ in Germany, one of the top three design awards in the world.

iF Design Award is a competition held by IFD (International Forum Design), a consulting firm in Germany. It is a public design contest featuring 60 years of tradition. Dr. MUSIC 3, a personal low-frequency stimulator that won the design award in the field of medicine / healthcare, is a wireless low-frequency stimulator that is connected to a smartphone by Bluetooth. It is controlled by a mobile APP. A low-frequency stimulator that produces a real-time low-frequency waveform by a bit of music.

International Certification