2014 EXHIBITION Schedule

Korea Electronics Show 2014

At the Korea Electronics Show 2014 held at Kintex, Ilsan, Smart Medical Device Co., Ltd will provide a practical demonstration of Dr. Music, its personal low frequency stimulator.
Since its launch in 1969 at Deoksu Palace, the KES, which marks its 44th anniversary this year, has played a critical role in leading Korea to the global […]

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition)

We are participating in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition). Why not visit the Fair to experience the latest trends in electronic products and technologies!
Certified by the UFI as an international specialty exhibition in 2000, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition) is the world’s largest electronics fair. Furthermore, as it is […]

IFA 2014

Daegu Technopark Mobile Technology Convergence Center(www.ttp.org/mtcc) got the green light to launching abroad as the affiliated companies were will received for their products at IFA 2014,World’s biggest consumer technology show held in Berlin, Germany.
Daegu Technopark Mobile Technology Convergence Center had vigorous business meetings on the site as they set the collective stands housing 10 Korea-based […]

GMV 2014 (Global Mobile Vision)

Smart Medical Device (CEO Moon Chan-gon, www.smd21.com) will participate in Global Mobile Vision 2014 at Kintex, Ilsan to present Dr. Music, its personal low frequency stimulator.
“Dr. Music” is a general low frequency stimulator that eases muscle pains or repetitive strain injuries of the wrists caused by excessive use of the mouse. While existing low frequency […]

KITAS 2014 (IT Accesorries and Peripheral Devices)

Smart Medical Device (Moon Chan-gon, www.smd21.com) participated in the 4th Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show 2014 (KITAS 2014) held at COEX to present Dr. Music, its innovative personal low frequency stimulator.Dr. Music delivers low frequency stimulation to ease and relax muscle soreness and stiffness caused by long periods of work or intensive exercise.
It […]

Mobile World Congress 2014

Together with a group of small companies specializing in smart phone accessories, Gyeonggi Technopark (President Yun Seong-kyun) will participate in the globally-renowned mobile device exhibition, Mobile World Congress 2014, which will be held next month.

In cooperation with the smart development team of Sungkyunkwan University, Gyeoggi TP has selected a total of seventeen smart phone accessories […]