2017 EXHIBITION Schedule

Tokyo ‘SPOTEC 2017’

SMD participated in the International Sports Goods Exhibition (SPORTEC 2017) held in Tokyo, Japan for three days from July 25 to 27 with the support of the Suwon World Cup Stadium management foundation in Gyeonggi Province. In which SMD signed a MOU agreement with Japanese Well-regulated medical device company companies” Biodain ” and Japanese disability […]

Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas (CES2017)

Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas (CES2017)
Smar MedicalDevice CO., Ltd showed off DR.MUSIC 3 at CES2017 which was held in Las Vegas between 5th and 8th of January.

In the era of personal health care, Dr. MUSIC 3 which is a personal low frequency stimulator could attract buyers and visitors from various countries. Dr. MUSIC […]